Frank Busch in Laibela, Ethiopia. Photo 2018 Copyright by Ellen Harasimowicz


I'm Frank. Welcome to my website!

I’m fascinated by people—with their abundance of complex emotions and funny situations. Often the camera is just an excuse to engage with my fellow humans. I love the diversity of looks and outlooks, crazy ideas, and deep-rooted beliefs I discover through my camera. Photography also leads me to some of the most captivating places in the world, which recently have included Ethiopia, India, Bhutan, and Greenland. When I’m not traveling, my home is in Munich.


The camera and I have been close friends since I was 14, which means of a long, long time. In “real life,” I’m a trainer and coach. Every so often, I’m able to combine my profession with photography (e.g., producing a set of posters and coaching cards).

Some of my photos I give away for free for you to use. Please have a look over at 
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